Sarah Medhat (born May 1, 1996) is a medical student at Cairo university, a fiction writer and a poet. The character is portrayed by Sara Shereb.

Character History Edit

Sarah was born to Medhat Hesham (born April 24, 1966) an Egyptian politician and Mary Shafik (born July 5, 1970) a journalist and recently a blogger and her maternal grandmother Theresa Shafik (February 21, 1928- September 14, 2016) was a talented writer who never had the chance to publish any of her books which motivated Sarah throughout the series to make her grandmother's dream come true.

Personality Edit

Sarah is a good-natured, down to earth talented writer who is energized by her love to mother nature, animals (especially kittens) and people. In the first season, she is in her second year of studying medicine in the University of Cairo and is thinking of dropping out to pursue a career in writing especially after the death of her grandmother whom she loved the most.

Sarah is also an active member of both an organization of animal rights and human rights, but she started to her life lately because of her friends' comments on that issue.

She is a food lover, she can cook almost anything and bake magnificent muffins and cheese cakes that everyone loves. She has the habit of cooking every Friday with Nader that she finds annoying because he doesn't eat/cook everything she does. She also accompanies Sam to taste and review restaurants every chance they get, which is a lot of chances. Spoiler alert: restaurant hate them so much.

Sarah is almost the only hard-working person in the group of friends except for Hazem in minor occasions especially when it has to do with Nader. She also pushes Nader to work harder, that's why he chooses her to help him working on every new project he has.

Writing Edit

Sarah started writing at the age of nine when she showed her 77 at the time grandmother the first story she's ever written, which was entitled A Picnic to Heaven in which she tells the story of a young girl who goes in a fictional adventure to heaven with her grandmother, that's when her grandmother discovered that she had a talent in writing and had always been supportive to her ever since.

Sarah likes everything her grandmother has ever written and thinks she is a genius who wasted her talent by not publishing any of her books. The one she likes most is The Courageous Mark which is a short story of a teenage boy named Mark who has Down Syndrome and faces challenges he has facing his relatives and the society.