Sam Magdi (born March 9, 1993) is the lamest yet the most active socially member of the group.

Character History Edit

Sam was born to a rich family, both his parents are engineers, his mother is an architect and his father is a civil engineer. He was loved by his parents for being to the eldest son of the family.

Personality Edit

Sam loves having everything the easy way. He graduated as an engineer but doesn't know anything about engineering and doesn't even like being an engineer. He picks up girls to fill the void in his life, yet admitting it is just a way of passing time.

He's very good socially that he can manipulate everyone in the group to do services for him. He considers himself aside from Nader to be the alpha-male of the group.

He is a foodie that loves desserts more than anything in the world, and accompanies both Hazem Ahmad and Sarah Medhat to all the new and old restaurants to test and review their food. He even started a blog called "Sam Eats" which failed drastically.