Hazem Ahmad is one of the six main character of the show. He is the arch-enemy of Nader Abrams.

Character History Edit

Hazem Ahmad was born in Alexandria to a working class family who supported him and called him a genius when he could develop a calculator app using C# when he was 11 years old.

Personality Edit

Hazem is emotionally-driven, revenge-seeking, yet very kind and sweet at times. He is very smart, mostly in other areas that Nader is smart at but he chooses not to focus on these and chases the strengths of Nader.

Hazem isn't very socially active, he got to know Sam Magdi because once he was bored decided to look up people living in Cairo, born in the same day he was born in, and like comic books and he found Sam. 2 years later, Nader was in Egypt and got to know Sam when they all planed to attend CairoCon the first Egyptian comic convention. Hazem never like Nader from the moment he started to know him.

Hazem is obsessed with Aya and although she finally agreed to go out on a date with him in the 3rd episode You Got Us Bullied, things end badly, yet he continues to ask her out every chance he gets.

He is very good with Physics and game engines, but he never got the chance to make anything like that. He wanted to start an animated web series about his life as an introverted nerd but couldn't.

Sherif Hany suggested they make an Android game for Game of Thrones and Hazem was so on board until Nader proved them ridiculous in the first episode The "Pilot"

Hazem was fired from his job at The Bugs when Nader mistakenly announced that Hazem was the founder of a website that shows the mistakes president Muhammad ElSayed did during his reign.