Aya Essam (born Jan 14, 1997) is the youngest member of the group, yet the most vital.

Character History Edit

Aya is the only child to Essam Mahmoud (born Jan 14, 1970) and Nihal Saad (born March 8, 1970).

Her parents got married when they were studying Commerce at the university of Cairo when they were both 21 and couldn't have a child for 6 years until Aya was born in 1997.

Aya has a weird relationship with his mother who got very religious especially after the birth of her only daughter after a long time of them trying to have a child. She wouldn't let her sing or draw claiming these are the doings of Satan and they make God angry. Although her mother loves her so much but sometimes she punishes her for not being as religious as she is.

Personality Edit

Aya is fun, hyperactive, free-spirited and very talented. She can make any boring conversation into something fun at any given moment.

She is so into horror movies and wants to write and act in one although she doesn't really know how to write so she keeps asking both Sarah and Nader to help her make it. She loves drawing portraits especially of herself and she loves Frida Kahlo so much that she wants to be her in every way possible.

She is into a lot of different things, science is one of them, and as she puts it: She is a free soul trying to find itself. She wants to be everything and anything.

Nader didn't like her so much when he first knew her which made her sad but later they became close friends and partners in crime especially when Nader humiliated the president in The "Pilot".